Welcome to Carpentersville

Welcome to Carpentersville!  A place with great residents combined with a Village Manager who doesn’t appear to understand professional behavior and a Village Board so inept that the Village is literally crumbling despite skyrocketing tax revenues!

Here’s a quick recap: 2009 – about 19 million in operating expenses, 230 employees and top notch public safety.  2017 – about 30 million in operating expenses, a bare bones operation of 170 employees, skyrocketing bond debt, crumbling infrastructure and roads, buildings in disrepair and public safety services that have been reduced to a point where our town consistently relies on our neighbors to provide basic services.

What is Carpentersville known for?  A quick search HERE on You tube produces a lot of videos that answers that question.  (And for those that think it’s changed in 6-8 years, 2 words: Turnover Rate, that’s all that needs to be said)  Our current village manager is the poster boy for bad behavior! During the 2015 budget workshops, he showed us his “professionalism” in a very public way (a quick thank you to the Manager for having the foresight to install security cameras that can be foia’d by the public!)

Its an argument in which our Village Manager loses his temper (which isn’t all that uncommon) and has to be held back.  Here’s the players in the video: White dress shirt (not the fire chief) – Manager Rooney; the guy pacing in the far background – then candidate, now Trustee Sabbe; the guy holding the manager back – Trustee Burroway; the guy getting yelled at – candidate/resident Garcia; other guys hanging around – Deputy Fire Chief Skillman, Director of Public Safety Popp, Deputy Police Chief (now Police Chief) Kilbourne, Finance Director Desai.  Notice how nobody (including a police chief) moves to intervene, except Trustee Burroway when it becomes clear that a physical confrontation is a very real possibility.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Carpentersville, IL.