Village Manager Resigned

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We aren’t exactly sure how this came about, but at a recent board meeting, the board stated that Manager Rooney had abandoned his position, cleaned out his office (we’ve heard through our sources – with the help from employees who did not know why) and had not returned to work.  They further pointed out that the Village’s Policy manual, which Manager Rooney had a large part in updating and approved, included a section in which any employee who does not show up to regularly scheduled work and does not call to report an absence, has intentionally resigned their position.  The board then voted to accept the Manager’s resignation.  Further, they voted that if a court found that the provision of the policy manual was not legal, that he was terminated.  Either way, that action by this new board represented a very good day for the Village and every one of it’s residents.

At the same meeting, Community Development Director Marc Huber was elevated to Acting Village Manager.  While Community Development has long been a source of dissatisfaction with local businesses, we’ve heard nothing but good things about Mr. Huber’s professionalism, and we are eager to see what good changes will come under his leadership and the new direction of our board.  We’d like to offer our congratulations and good luck to Mr. Huber in his new position.



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