Time for another Department Manager


Truthfully, it’s been too long without a department head leaving.  Here in Carpentersville, we currently average a department manager loss about once every 4 months.  Apparently it’s time to get rid of another one!!!  Facebook has been abuzz with this tidbit:

Carpentersville Seeks New Fire Chief

I certainly hope that any potential Fire Chief that looks at coming to Carpentersville does his/her research, as clearly, this town is a career killer for management.  There’s only 1 number that is important to any department manager considering Carpentersville : 16.  That’s the number of department managers who have been “down-sized”, terminated or voluntarily left in the last 5-1/2 years.  I challenge anyone to find a town (let’s be fair and not count the City of Chicago) in Illinois with greater management turnover (actually I challenge anyone to find a town with greater turnover period).  And, there is only one name that is important to google: J Mark Rooney, our local bully Manager (who isn’t required to live in town – so I’d recommend you get that in your contract too, oh and no harm in asking for 9 months of severance pay like he’s got too if he’s let go for any reason other than a felony conviction!)

Hey, don’t take our word for it, contact his former subordinates in Wheeling and Highwood.  If you’re a Chief Officer, you know who to call.  Or contact us here at savecville, we’ll give you the entirety of the 7GB of documents we have stored on our illustrious town.

Of course, excessively high employee turnover in the rank and file employees throughout the village only supports the reality that our Village is a dysfunctional example of how NOT to run a town, and it has clearly been time for a change in management and a significant change in the Village Board.  Thankfully, we have another one of those election things coming up.  Stay tuned for more fun stuff as November approaches.

It is truly with a sad heart, that, based upon the above advertisement by GovHR, we add Fire Chief John Skillman to the list of departed Department Heads on the front page of the site.

As a side note, we are also hearing rumors from inside Village Hall that the Deputy Fire Chief is no longer working for the Village.  If that’s true, we’ve jumped up to 17.  There has been no official confirmation of that rumor however.