The Truth About Misinformation

I thought I’d post these for everyone to see.  When our Trustees tell you that I am spreading fear and misinformation, I’d ask them to back that up.

I’ve said – we need 5 people in each station (15 per day) to be truly safe.  I’ve said that our mutual aid isn’t robust.  I’ve said that as residents, and as a homeowner, my family just isn’t safe anymore.  Well:  Here is it is, for you to read for yourself.  The SAFER grant approved and agreed upon by the trustees and an email from the Deputy Chief saying we aren’t where we should be.

Ask yourself – if the Trustees agreed to this, and the Deputy Chief says we aren’t where we should be, why did they reduce our public safety protection further, and why do they say, in direct contrast to their written word, that we are safe?

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Don’t trust anyone’s word that isn’t willing to back it up with documentation.