The Trustees should be Ashamed …


As we reported earlier, on March 14th, 2015, during a break of the audit and finance commission meeting, Village Manager Rooney had an altercation with Humberto Garcia, a commission member and trustee candidate.  Mr. Garcia, in his remarks to the Trustees on March 17th, described what happened as an abuse and assault.  We received information back from our FOIA today indicating that the Video of the incident was being withheld because of an ongoing POLICE INVESTIGATION.  The exemptions claimed indicate this video is EVIDENCE to a possible CRIME.  Not only should our Trustees be ashamed that they have allowed this man to wastefully spend our money on attorneys trying to defend his many indiscretions (again – 3 formal complaints, 2 eeoc complaints, an fmla complaint – now a criminal investigation) but have defended his behavior and character.

There are NO instances that I can think of or know of where an employee was the subject of a serious policy manual violation complaint that wasn’t put on administrative leave.  Not only that, but Mr. Rooney is, to the best of my ability to find such an instance, THE FIRST DEPARTMENT HEAD, LET ALONE THE FIRST MANAGER, TO EVER BE THE SUBJECT OF A POLICE INVESTIGATION INTO CONDUCT in the Village of Carpentersville.  The Trustees protect this guy – No Administrative Leave.

I can’t believe that our residents and citizens feel as if this is OK.  I’m not sure I know of anyone besides our Trustees who feel this is OK.  I call upon Village Board, and especially the Incumbent Trustees running for their position to do their job and Terminate J. Mark Rooney for not only multiple policy manual violations stemming from this incident, but also for behaving in a way that proves this Village doesn’t know how to treat people properly and professionally.  I am sick of my tax dollars going towards illegal and unethical behavior.


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