The Lords and Ladies bow to the King


I use Emporer and King interchangeable.  But, here’s the reality – Our Trustees are willing to hand this Village Manager anything in order to protect him – and for what?  Honestly – WHAT are these Trustees getting behind closed doors that is so valuable that only Mark Rooney can or is willing to do for them???  Is it wrong of me to think that this level of ridiculousness must be coming at a price – what needs to happen to get an investigative agency to really go through these books and find out if any money is changing hands?   I’d like my readers to read through the contract that will be voted on tonight, and we’ll pick up our discussion afterward:

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Anyone else thinking: “WoW!”  Not only are our trustees actually considering the 26% raise in 4 years (has any taxpayer in this town recieved a 26% raise in the last 4 years????)  but look at the terms of that contract…

cb70f56b53b0af3c5fd34555d9a4148f_largeIf Rooney is terminated for ANY reason other than a felonious act (in other words – conviction of a felony, not misdemeanor like say “official misconduct” – FELONY) he will receive 9 MONTHS of pay as severance.  So, misdemeanors, misconduct, any reason that would normally disqualify him from unemployment – still gets 9 months of pay – $126,000.00!!!!!    That’s 126,000 of our money for misconduct??  What can these trustees be thinking?   As a side note, if you don’t think that every single employee union will be asking for and going to arbitration over the same thing – this sets a precedent, a precedent that will be difficult for an arbitration judge to ignore.  This contract alone sets a policy – any employee discharged for misconduct will win unemployment without difficulty, as it will have been approved for an employee discharged for misconduct to be paid out large sums of money.

Like the Indemnification – this sets a precedent, and it puts us on the hook for a large sum.  Basically, it guarantees that our Board won’t fire him, regardless of what he does – as long as it’s not a felony.  Unbelievable.

25 days of vacation – for 6 years of employment?  Almost an entire month off WITH pay after only working for our Village for 6 years?  Does anyone else find that crazy?  We are going to pay him $13,900 for Vacation?

And don’t forget the change the trustees approved to the Village Ordinance giving our Manager a pass on having to move into town until 2018 – that’s in his contract now.  He has to move into town within 12 months of his hire date (2009) unless the ordinance says otherwise, which it does now – in 2014 the Trustees voted to change the ordinance allowing him until 2018.  (4 years after the 12 month deadline.)

My fellow citizens – this is what our Village is: Protect the corrupt, morally bankrupt politician.  These are Trustees that the very slim majority of people that came out Voted into office.  They are willing to throw your hard earned money at a person who has violated the Village Policy Manual, Violated state and federal discrimination laws, created a hostile work environment in the Village, “rules” through fear and intimidation, has been the subject of numerous complaints – both internally and with state/federal agencies, and who has cost this village 100’s of thousands in attorney fees in defense of his indefensible behavior.  He has convinced your trustees to reduce your public safety, raise your taxes, raise your water/sewer rates.  He has presided over the biggest decline in Village EAV in our history without doing anything meaningful to turn the tide of departures.

In the best interests of the Village, this taxpayers thinks not.