Here at Save Carpentersville, we are dedicated to exposing the lies, uncovering the truth, and providing a different source of information for residents that realize their Village Board members either don't know what they are doing, or have simply chosen to evade reality.

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Management by Crisis – Continued


So, I was reading through the rather lengthy investigation.pdf document, found HERE, and realized that there was a complaint filed with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)against the Manager by a former department head – mainly, the IT director (prior to our current one.) alleging: discrimination and sexual harrassment....

Welcome to 2014


After a nice time away from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs, we are ready to get back to work.  It’s always nice during the holidays to take some time away from everything with your family and go somewhere.  I hope that everyone reading this, if not able...

Be Safe this Holiday Season!


This weekend my family and I finished setting up our tree and decorating for the holidays.  For the first time, we opted to get a real tree, and there are things that we have to be careful to make sure in order to keep the house safe, which got me thinking...

Solutions Requested? OK!


The board meeting last night was very interesting, and I appreciate that the Trustees are at least looking at what I’ve been saying even if it’s to just deflect the criticism.  I sincerely hope that the Trustees understand that my dissatisfaction with the job performance of the Trustees has nothing...

Public Speaking


As most know already, I intend to speak tonight during the public comments.  I’ve managed to get my comments down to 5 minutes, although I’m sure I could fill quite a few more.  I look forward to seeing you all there tonight.  As a preview, I’m posting here the...

No Wonder Nobody Knows (Part 2)


Continuing on with analysis of the General Fund, and whether or not our Village Trustees, the Audit and Finance Committee and the Village Staff (Finance and Manager) is capable of being accurate with our money,  I submit the following to the residents of the village: Property Taxes Sales Tax...

Where the heck is our money going?


So how to attack this question?  Let’s do some comparing.  For the purposes of this, I compare 2 relatively similar towns.  Streamwood, IL and Carpentersville, IL.  Both towns have similar demographics, both have similar departments, census amounts, and their police and fire departments respond to similar number of incidents...

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