Here at Save Carpentersville, we are dedicated to exposing the lies, uncovering the truth, and providing a different source of information for residents that realize their Village Board members either don't know what they are doing, or have simply chosen to evade reality.

 Please join us to Save Carpentersville!


Let’s talk about “Misinformation” (4)


I’m going through this audio file from Saturday’s audit and  finance commission meeting.  It makes me angry, it disappoints me, and frankly, it’s surreal.  Folks, these Trustees can say I am just trying to frighten you … sure, it’s a possibility that I am that devious.  OR, I’m actually...

Time for a change in Management?


The Illinois Municipal Act, which is what rules and governs our town’s ability to be a village, has a great deal of information and provisions that empower you and me, the “electors” to participate in the process.  But what happens when the village trustees won’t return our phone calls...

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