Here at Save Carpentersville, we are dedicated to exposing the lies, uncovering the truth, and providing a different source of information for residents that realize their Village Board members either don't know what they are doing, or have simply chosen to evade reality.

 Please join us to Save Carpentersville!


Needs of the Community


Readers of this blog, and to the community in Carpentersville … what are the needs of the community?  What is it that Trustees are supposed to do? There are so many answers for that – unique to each resident, and as wide and diverse as the members of our...

Board Meetings


Does anyone else ever notice that Board Meetings are always the same.  We listen to them praise each other, berate those that having differing opinions and finally speak about things which they really don’t understand … Case in point: Trustee Rehberg spoke about a QuadCom initiative to that will reduce...

Conflict of Interest and Enrichment


I realize that there are some, namely all of our current Trustees and Incumbent Candidates along with a select few residents that believe that there is a serious conflict of interest with me running for the Village Board.  (Isn’t it interesting that it’s those with the most to lose that...

Thoughts about Openness


I’ve been thinking lately about the progression of this site, and of the ultimate goals that I had in starting it and maintaining it.  I know that there are some who don’t believe that my reasons are as lofty as I have suggested they are, and who were concerned...



So, what’s the point of all this?  Why start speaking up?  What benefit does this have … what motivates people to take a stand?  PRIORITIES.  We all have them – the line in the sand.  Everyone, to varying degrees, will tolerate a certain amount of dishonesty in our leaders, and...

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