What about the surrounding towns?


So, call me a geek, but I usually am listening to whats going on in Carpentersville and the surrounding communities.  Most don’t realize that the radio frequencies that your police and fire department use are available, 24 hours a day, either by a number put into a scanner (bought at radio shack or walmart) or through the internet.  Here are 2 such feeds that include our town – go listen, you’ll be amazed at what is going on around you!:

QuadCom Fire Departments : Carpentersville, East Dundee, West Dundee & Rutland Dundee (which is Sleepy Hollow, Gilberts and some unincorporated areas)  Carpentersville Scanner Frequencies: Police – 471.1625 | Fire – 154.735

Elgin Police and Fire Departments

So, as I’m listening to what’s going on today around me, it dawns on me for a sec – There was a moment today where the Lake Marian Station’s engine and the Carpenter Park Station’s Ambulance were on a call on the east side.  Of course, that meant the closest ambulance was East Dundee.  And sure enough, a few minutes later I hear them and the Engine at the Carpenter Park Station dispatched to an ambulance call.  I’m thinking to myself – there is NOTHING on the east side of the village, except an Engine at East Dundee.  And sure enough – another ambulance call comes only a few moments later.  The engine at the lake marian station clears and goes to it – and so does a West Dundee ambulance – from that station at Sleepy Hollow Rd and Route 72!  Naturally, the only thing left in our town is an Ambulance OR Engine at the west side station, but more importantly, there’s absolutely nothing protecting my home on the east side.

And then it dawns on me – There is a total of 1 vehicle protecting all of East Dundee AND 60% of Carpentersville, plus there’s only 1 vehicle left in West Dundee.  I’m amazed that residents of East Dundee and West Dundee are ok with their trustees using their tax dollars to pay for ambulances and fire engines to send to Carpentersville because Carpentersville doesn’t WANT to pay for the right amount of protection for it’s own town.  This exact circumstance has been happening more and more often, and not only has the Carpentersville Village Board decided to reduce service for our town, but they’ve effectively reduced service to the surrounding towns to make up for it!

I urge every resident in East Dundee, West Dundee & Algonquin to call their trustees and demand both answers and that these Villages stop supporting Carpentersville’s ridiculous decisions.  Tell the Village of Carpentersville to fund their own public safety properly and not to lean on other towns, and other town’s taxpayers!



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  1. This situation continues to occur daily, sometimes several times a day. There are always times when helping other towns is necessary, despite providing excellent and responsive services. Structure Fires is one such example. But relying on that help because our Village doesn’t fund excellent and responsive services is just being a bad neighbor. Tell our Trustees and Your Trustees to stop doing it!

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