Public Funds for Elections?


Here’s a question:

Is it illegal to use village funds in conjunction with election campaigning?

I only ask, because Business Cards bought and paid for by the Village for Village Trustees probably should end up here:



These are being delivered by Trustee Burroway while he and his supporters are canvassing.  This particular photo was from a door hangar delivered in Old Town today.  That Business Card is for his use as a Trustee … NOT as a Candidate.  Our Taxpayer funds should NOT be used for an incumbent Trustee to include with campaign literature.  It’s interesting that he includes this with an Illinois Policy Institute article about a Conflict of Interest.  Isn’t using Village Funds and Village Issued Trustee Business Cards to include in campaign door hangers a bit of a conflict of interest?  An ethical dilemma, maybe an Electioneering Violation?

More importantly – considering that the document pictured here is printed on regular paper, I’d like to see the receipts for the mass printing of those.  If Trustee Burroway is willing to use Trustee Business Cards for campaign purposes, how do we know these weren’t printed using Village paper and Village printers/copiers?  Let’s see those receipts Trustee Burroway!