Public Documents

I will post all of the public documents that I can here.  I will also link to them in my posts if they apply.

Freedom Of Information Act request Received October 31, 2013 from Wheeling IL :

2007-043 – Manager Rooney’s Original Contract

2008-026 – Manager Rooney’s Raise

2008-093 – Contract Revision not Requiring Manager Rooney to live in town

2009-123 – Manager Rooney’s Severance Agreement

Homework Files

I happen to really like using these papers from the National Fire Academy … It just so happens that there are national firefighting standards and not nationalized police standards, and as a result most police chiefs receive more localized training (and their research papers for masters degrees aren’t available) where fire chiefs receive national training and their research papers are available for public inspection (for those that chose to participate).

Hanover Park’s Chief Haigh’s Research Paper – On the viability of the Part Time Firefighter Program at Hanover Park

Executive Leadership by Ted Poszywak

FOIA and Budget Analysis Files

General Fund Budgets Excel Showing all the information compiled from the years of available budget documents for the budgets and funding of the various departments

Revenue Analysis – Excel Spreadsheet Showing all the revenue streams of the village, both projected and actual data posted in the budgets available on the village website.

Village Financial Documents Analysis Looking at the documents available on the village website, something stuck out like a sore thumb – very few things added up like they should have.  So, this is a comparison of the Financial Statements and the Fiscal Year Budget Documents available on the Village website – and the results of the comparisons are pretty shocking.

FOIA Chart – PDF chart for all the fire department response times from 2010 until the present.  These numbers are NOT based upon any calls that occurred responding TO another town, only calls that actually occurred in our town with our residents.  Yes, they do include non-emergency responses.  What wasn’t said last night is that NO ambulance calls are considered non-emergency responses.  They are all lights and sirens until we get there.  In the chart, only the Fire Responses include non-emergency responses.  The EMS responses are all emergency, get there as quick as possible.  THAT is where the Village has a problem.

FOIA Emails – Cville Emails within the Village that pertain to the board’s new “staff model” for the fire department – what the actual employees think of the new model and how it effects the employees and their ability to respond and staff the stations.

As I stated in a previous post, I will not be releasing the Police FOIA files as they contain actual officer schedules and assignments and I do believe that might not be good for any criminal to get their hands on, but .. here’s the Fire FOIA Files:

Fire FOIA 1

Fire FOIA 2

Fire FOIA 3

Investigation Into HR Director Mogren’s Complaint against Manager Rooney

Investigation into Chris Scholl’s Complaint against Manager Rooney

EEOC Investigation into IT Director Stove’s complaint against Manager Rooney

The ORIGINAL Daily Herald article about HR Director Mogren’s complaint against Rooney (anyone else wonder why it was changed?)

‘2014-FEFO-00511 Responsive Documents’

Rooney CC Statements

Rooney CC Statements (2)