Professional Behavior


Here it is .. long awaited.  Now, the clip below is taken from the main video.  You can full 7 minute video here: March 14th, 2015.

I’ve clipped out the first few minutes that show a few people talking with each.  The rest is for you to view here:

So, THIS is what my Trustees call Professional?  Yes, no contact.  So no battery.  And unfortunately, no audio either.  But from those that were there – our Manager was calling Humberto Garcia a “Son of a Bitch,”  told him to “go hit your wife” and finally had to be held away from Garcia.

Here’s my questions:

Is it OK for a manager to behave like this?  After all, Village Employees endure ridicule and bad behavior every day, including the police and fire departments.  Is it OK for police and firefighters to respond like this – NO.  Why is another Village Employee given special treatment?  ANY other employee would have been terminated.  (Think – Linda Mogren, investigated and put up for termination because she told the Manager “Fuck You.” IN PRIVATE)

If the Manager isn’t going to engage Mr. Garcia – WHY is Trustee Burroway literally pushing him and holding him back.  And notice, right before Manager Rooney turns into the room – Notice that Trustee Burroway says something to him and he turns directly and leaves.  What did Burroway say?  If Burroway hadn’t been there, isn’t it pretty clear what would have happened?

Why didn’t our police department call in an outside agency to investigate?  If they had decided it was an assault, the defense would have argued bias.  Now that they’ve determined no charges – people can still argue bias towards a well protected, bad behavior manager.

Let’s look at what the Village of Carpentersville Employee Handbook has to say about this:

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I have a feeling however, that our current Board is so enamored with this guy, that they’ll keep paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars they’ve been spending on attorneys, settlements and investigations, regardless of what he does.  It’s your board – time to take it back and say to the current Trustees – NO EMPLOYEE GETS TO BEHAVE THIS WAY. PERIOD.  Here it is though .. once again, Rooney’s Minions covering it up for him – and we get stuck with the bill.

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