As Predicted … Once a Bully, always a Bully


92841418In some of the previous posts regarding Rooney’s Bullyism, I predicted that those complaints that the Village actually released (truthfully, I believe there are a lot more, but hey, this village has a history of hiding information – even from their own “independent investigators”) would not be the last of them.  Sure enough – my recent FOIA to “check up” and see if President Ritter really had restrained the Manager and his behaviors, has exposed yet another complaint – both internal and an EEOC/IDOL complaint against the Manager.  Now, those that have been following this will probably be shocked to discover that this complaint also alleges: harassment, intimidation, age, sex and disability violations, and FMLA violations, not just with the complaining employee, but with multiple former employees of the Village.

Now, some might not be happy with me – I’ve redacted the complaining employee’s name and any identifying work positions out of respect for the difficult time that they are going through.  At this time, I am posting the EEOC/USDOL complaints, and will post the internal complaints at a later date.  I only hope that our Village Board comes to it’s senses, realizes that if the employee sues the Village, the legal expenses alone will have the general public up in arms – not to mention the cost to the Village if they lose.  I realize however, that after this much time and depth of the cover-ups, that we must conclude that our Village Board is actively engaged in support of the Misconduct of the Village Manager.

So, here it is: the EEOC complaint and USDOL FMLA violations complaint:EEOC_november2014 & USDOL_FMLA_november2014

Just in case folks have forgotten: here are some of the other complaints – despite some time in between each one, notice the similarities between them – these behaviors aren’t going to go away.


The cost to the Village isn’t a question of if – it’s a question of when.  Has Manager Rooney finally illegally terminated someone who will fight back?  I hope so.  Our Village Board is happy to let him do whatever he wants, and we suspect the only thing that will change their minds is a nice hefty lawsuit.  How many complaints does it take?  Sure, he’s managed to rope his crony’s into manipulating the system for him – so that each seems to be an isolated incident of a disgruntled or former employee, but seriously – you don’t have this many complaints of similar nature occurring over a span of time because nothing is going on.  I think we all know what Rooney’s answer is going to be on this one – like the others – the employee is a liar!  God forbid we start to see the truth – that Rooney, with the support of the Village Board and a few select department heads, has manipulated every single investigation to ensure that these issues never come to light.  The cost to our Village for this Board’s refusal to eliminate a troubled Manager is all we need to know when it comes election time!

Speaking of costs – let’s examine some costs that were recently brought to our attention and sent to us by someone who has been tracking the bills approved by the Board (yes Trustees, I’m not the ONLY one who is keeping track of your decisions…), and these relate to the issues with the former HR Director:

April 1st agenda – Clark Baird and Smith, elimination of HR Director: $13,223.75.  May 20th – Clark Baird and Smith, elimination of HR Director: $22,640.  July 15th – Klein Thorpe and Jenkins “independent” investigation into HR Director’s complaints against Rooney: $8980.  July 15th GovHR, HR assessment $5450.  August 5th, Klein Thorpe and Jenkins, investigation related charges: $20828.79.  Total spent to eliminate the former HR Director as a result of her complaint against the Manager: $71,032.54  That’s right my fellow citizens, WE (as in our Village Board spent OUR money) spent 71K, the amount of a full time employee in a matter of 3 months to eliminate a person who complained about J Mark Rooney.  That amount, by the way, is just attorney fees, it doesn’t include any severance or benefits paid.  Now, we haven’t tracked the costs for each employee wrongfully terminated (or who was forced to sign a resignation) but if that’s just one – i can’t imagine what the costs are for all of them – can you?  Supporting Manager Rooney is simply not a fiscally sound decision – and your Board members are OK with spending this kind of money to keep him around.  Are You?

My Fellow Citizens – if you had a person like this at your workplace, would you allow them to continue working there if you were the boss?  Would you agree to pay all these attorney bills for the investigations into his behavior towards employees?  At what point would you say you’ve spent too much money?  Well the fact is – you ARE the boss!  According to the Village’s Flowchart found in the Budget, the RESIDENTS sit on the very top.  You hold the key during election times, and you hold the power to FIRE the Trustees!  In April, you’ll be asked to chose – do you want Trustees that are willing to ignore or bury issues, or will you elect Trustees that you know will work to expose the truth and hold people accountable for their actions – both good and bad?

I hope that the department heads in this Village realize that they stand on the precipice of an ethical and moral dilemma: do you go along with this troubled Manager and hope that he won’t get caught and bring you down with him, or do you do the right thing?  Do you maintain your integrity, or do you put your integrity on a shelf to look at and wonder why you gave it up?  A once good man had the opportunity to tell me that if he retires with nothing but his integrity intact, that he will consider his career successful, and I believed in him.  Sadly, I no longer believe in him or his integrity, and he will not be afforded the opportunity to convince me again.  So, I remind our Village Officials of this: nothing is truly secret, and documentation is never truly gone – the truth will eventually come out.  The unfortunate reality is: The Village has more “leaks” in it than the titanic had when it was sinking.  That is what happens when a Village Board allows a Manager to systematically abuse the people they’ve hired to serve the public.


On a side note, the editors at Save Carpentersville would like to mention the following: We urge any employee in the Village that has information about illegal employment practices – OR – anything illegal for that matter, to contact either the US EEOC or IDOL for employment practice related issues, or the Kane County State’s Attorney or FBI for information concerning illegal activities such as contract fixing, improper funds usage or financial crimes.  You CAN submit anonymous TIPS to the law enforcement agencies listed above, and we sincerely encourage every employee in the Village (especially department heads or former department heads that might want to avoid being caught up in anything) to do their duty and report suspected illegal activity.

Furthermore, while we will not divulge any personal information about those that have chosen to share who they are with us, any information that we receive regarding possible criminal or illegal conduct within the Village will be reported to the appropriate authority, and it will be explained that it was received by Save Carpentersville as a “tip.”  While we do not want to discourage employees from submitting tips to us, we do want to urge employees of the Village of Carpentersville to also submit suspected criminal activity to the authorities listed above.

Together, we can all make a difference, resident and public servants together, and fix our sinking ship.