Post Election


sclogo4.fwFirst, I’d like to offer my congratulations to the winners of yesterday’s elections.  Both Trustee Sabbe and Trustee Humpfer have declared their intent to listen and be honest.  I welcome that, and I WILL hold you to it!  Election seasons are rarely as contentious as they were this time, and it was definitely a knock-down drag out fight.  Perhaps we can move past this election season and start real, meaningful dialogue.   While we hold differing opinions, everyone who ran does truly want the best for the community, right?  I’d also like to thank everyone that came out to vote, regardless of who you voted for, but especially to those that took time to listen (agree or not.)  That is the heart of our democratic republic, and one of the core tenants of our freedom.  I only hope that the next election will have a much greater turnout.

Some will hold onto the “your scare tactics were lies” mantra.  So be it.  However, you will hear the same message from this site until the public safety issues improve.  WE as a citizenry are not safe.  Believe it or not.  The choice is yours, and it’s the responsibility of every citizen to do their own homework.  Every time you hear multiple sirens passing by your house, I’m sure you will wonder if there’s anyone left to help you if you need it.  I know the answer to that question – and it makes me worried for my family – and yours too.

Some don’t like that a firefighter ran for office.  That is OK.  At the end of the day, I live in this town with you, my family lives here, I am vested in this Community.  While it’s several state laws that give me the right to run for office, it’s the fact that I am a resident, and a responsibility that we all have to be involved in the process that inspired me.

I also want to dispel this misconception that your public safety servants that don’t live in town don’t care, or only care about money.  Folks, you are all reasonable people.  Firefighters spend 1/3 of their lives in this town.  1/3 of their lives away from their family.  1/3 of their lives unable to do anything else but help you.  On average they help 600 people a year, or 36,000 people during their careers.  WE are career public servants.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that resident or not – we are invested in the well being of our community.  The real question that we as residents should ask ourselves is – why don’t the public safety servants not living in town WANT to live in our town?  Some will answer schools – others will say family.  The rest will say, and all will agree – from a public safety standpoint, other towns just do it better.

I’ve had some time to analyze the election results.  Some things are pretty clear – while the numbers don’t lie, there are intricacies within them that say something: almost half that voted thought the incumbents weren’t cut out for the job.  That’s a pretty telling piece of information.  Here’s what else it says to me – the people voted, not on the issues, but the conflict.  Was it right for me to run?  Absolutely, it’s my right.  But the majority of those that came out didn’t agree with me, and that’s OK.  That’s our system, and I have to defer to the elector’s wishes – elected or not.  The numbers also tell me that the Message I had came through loud and clear – we aren’t safe, and quite a few people think so.  It is no longer just Save Carpentersville vs the Trustees, it’s at least 324 other residents that read, that researched and determined that there were serious deficiencies with our Village.  While 1 person can be ignored – we aren’t alone, and together, we can’t be ignored.

So here’s my Challenge to our newly elected Trustee and the re-elected Trustees:  Post your phone numbers so that the residents can contact you.  Pick up the phone when we call.  Personally answer every email you receive  (no having staff write your response for you, we aren’t big enough for that – be genuine).  Have a meaningful dialogue.  Demand both sides to every story you hear.  Do your homework, ask for the empirical data behind every request.  Hold EVERY employee to the highest expectations of professionalism and public service, and eliminate those that can’t or won’t comply.  Build a friendly, people oriented management team that is able to direct the Village through positivity and leadership.  Represent ALL people in the community, resident and business alike and vote the way your CONSTITUENTS want you to.

If you don’t know how they want you to vote, you’ve failed.  If you don’t have the data in front of you, you’ve failed.  If your constituents feel as though they need to make a website to expose the other side of the story – you’ve failed.  If your constituents feel the need to run for office because they aren’t being heard, you’ve failed, and so has your entire management team.  If any of those are true, as a Trusted Public Official – you should seriously consider resigning your position.

Save Carpentersville and Team will continue throughout the next 2 years to investigate reports of misconduct, mismanagement, poor leadership and to continuously hold our elected representatives accountable for not only their decisions, but those of the staff under their control.   The future depends on the Village Board, and I continue to extend an open invitation to my board members to call me, discuss the issues, look at the data, and work with me and other like minded citizens to improve the Village as a whole.  Now – back to our regularly scheduled content!