Welcome to the home of Save Carpentersville!  For Residents, by Residents, attempting to better our town and hold our village board accountable for the things they don’t tell us!

What i can promise you, the reader of my blog is that I will deliver to you my opinion – along with some interesting articles and as many source supported facts as I can actually fit on this website that I’ve created.  Please do not expect me to be “Objective”, and in turn I won’t expect anyone reading my articles to believe me or trust my opinions.  What I hope is that you take what I’ve written and go research on your own!  Go ask your trustees, go do Freedom of Information Act requests from the village – in short – become an informed elector and resident.  Only fully informed citizens can decide for themselves what they want, and what they are willing to pay for.  The Village of Carpentersville has a motto – Building a Better Tomorrow, Today.  However, with the way the trustees have run this town into the ground, it should be: Giving you what we want to, not what you pay for!

Please feel free to comment on any of the articles that I post.  Comments are via a Facebook Comment interface, so yes you’ll need a facebook account to comment.  I use the Facebook Comments for no other reason than it has a huge reach for my audience base.  I will tolerate some mud-slinging as long as the commentator can back it up with verifiable facts (and I promise i’ll do the same if I sling some mud!)  Comments which offer nothing to the topic being debated, but attempts to silence others with intimidation or threats will probably be moderated (unless you are so clearly ridiculous that others can get a good laugh AT you).  Let’s remember – this is for us to all learn from!  Anyone interested in becoming a contributing author to this blog is welcome to email me  I’d love to have more authors writing articles and representing a larger portion of our community!