Management by Crisis – Continued


FB_20140426_16_19_01_Saved_PictureSo, I was reading through the rather lengthy investigation.pdf document, found HERE, and realized that there was a complaint filed with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)against the Manager by a former department head – mainly, the IT director (prior to our current one.) alleging: discrimination and sexual harrassment.  You can read that one HERE.  And the original “Management by Crisis” HERE.  So, let’s recap, we have an EEOC complaint for harrassment and discrimination against the Manager, an internal complaint of discrimination and harrassment against the Manager, and another internal complaint of harrassment against the Manager.  How many times will our Village Board allow this Manager to act inappropriately towards the employees before they say enough is enough?  I apologize ahead of time for the featured image, but it’s just so accurate when it comes to our Village Manager.

To my Village Board: Wake up!  April is coming soon, and the people of this village will vote you out as soon as your tenure is up if you don’t drastically change course!  So that my readers have a reminder of what their Village Board has allowed this manager to do:

  • Harrass and Discriminate against Employees
  • Allowed the Village Manager to remain living outside the Village, so he isn’t affected by his decisions like we are!
  • Reduce the Public Safety Services to the residents
  • Raise the Water and Sewer Rates
  • Raise the Sales Taxes
  • Raise the Property Taxes
  • Raise the amount of debt our Village has incurred

Essentially, we the residents have paid for the serious mismanagement of our Village.  While our Village Board talks about making things more “beautiful” (including by the way, a dollar for dollar matching grant from the Federal Government for redoing Carpenter Park – that wasn’t budgeted) they have utterly failed to realize that our Village takes in more dollars than it ever has – and still has a budget shortfall every year.  It’s incompetence like this that requires a brand new board that is willing to listen to more than just one deranged, aggressive, moody, quick-tempered, intimidating and insensitive Village Manager.  Time for a change, both in the Manager AND the Board that covers up all his problems.



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