Let’s Talk about “Misinformation” (2)


Continuing our multi-part post on Village Board Statements vs Village Documents we have an email from Deputy Chief Skillman.   Last Saturday, when pressed, Deputy Chief Skillman said the Fire Department manning is good.  On several occassions, DPS Popp and D/C Skillman have both said that manning is adequate and mutual aid is robust.   Well, in this email, you’ll read that the SAFER Grant’s request for 4 more firefighters will get us “closer” to where we should be … in other words, we aren’t where we should be.  Awefully interesting that Department heads say one thing and write another…  NOTE: This email was sent out BEFORE the Board Members further reduced the daily manning.  So we were short staffed before the reductions, now we are really short staffed.

This is important!  It’s about telling the truth. It’s about trying to bring you regular citizens on that board that are willing to be transparent, willing to say no, and willing to admit when things are wrong. Your vote is needed to ensure that our Trustees don’t continue to mismanage and misspend our hard earned tax dollars, and that it’s time for us to get the services that we pay for.


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