League of Women Voters Carpentersville Candidate Forum


I find it interesting that the League of Women Voters had rules for video taping this event.  From the Event page:

Candidate Forum – Rules & Guidelines

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan, issue-oriented political organization that holds voter education as a primary mission.

This is why the League sponsors forums such as this. We must abide by certain rules to respect the impartiality of the organization and the event. We do not endorse or recommend candidates for office and we are neutral with regard to the candidates who are the focus of this forum. Filming, other than by the League or its partners is not allowed.

So, while everyone else has to follow the rules, it appears one of our sitting Trustees didn’t feel the same way.  Why is it that it seems as though our Trustees don’t feel they have to follow the same rules everyone else does?  Mrs. Teeter not only filmed the event, it was also badly edited.  Interestingly- the parts that were clearly cut out was when I pointed out during my opening statement that the Trustees have told the public that our fire protection is adequate and that Mutual Aid from other towns is “Robust”, while the Federal Application for the SAFER Grant in 2014 (shortly after the Board’s statement) stated that our fire department is understaffed, doesn’t meet standards, and that our town can no longer count on it’s neighbors to provide mutual aid.  I asked a question about this – the two statements were clearly opposite of each other, so who did the Trustees lie to – us or the federal government?  And Mr. Humpfer accuses ME of misinformation … I guess he might want to watch out for all that glass around him!

Without further ado – here is the video that Mrs. Teeter recorded in violation of the rules:

Now, Let’s see how long until Mrs. Teeter removes this video!
Day 4