What are some of the Issues in Carpentersville?


What are some of the issues in Carpentersville?

Let’s face it – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  But, if it’s broken – it needs to be fixed, and folks, our Village is broken – big time!  Unfortunately, the fix isn’t quick and easy, and our Current Trustees ARE the problem.  The only way to fix the Village is to vote them out.  Here is a (short) list of some of the things that have been broken by our Village Board.

Taxes and Reduction in Services for the Community:

  • In the last 5 years, the village has raised its tax rate by over 100%.
  • The village has raised it’s sales tax – we are now tied with municipalities like Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates for the highest rate!
  • The village has raised it’s water and sewer rates by over 100% in the last 4 years
  • Your public works department (who fix our streets and take care of our water and waste) has been dramatically reduced
  • Your police force, during the busiest time of the day has been reduced by 50% (4pm to midnight)
  • Your fire department has seen a 30% reduction in availability, and an increase of response times to your house.
  • While your Village has told you that it’s new staffing model for the fire department is adequate and meets the needs of the residents, touting the “robust” mutual aid – it’s federal application for more firefighters says that the fire department is understaffed, doesn’t meet standards, and it’s mutual aid cannot be relied upon – who did your trustees lie to?

No matter what the village tells you – documents provided by the Village Prove It –


Your Trustees have actively participated in helping an Abusive Village Manager:

  • This fiscal year alone (may to present), your board has paid attorneys $128,929.80 of YOUR money because of employee related complaints and issues with the Village Manager
  • In the last 4 years, 12 department heads have resigned or been forced out, 8 in the last 2 years
  • Excessively high terminations and resignations of employees – How much of YOUR money has been spent to replace, background check, retrain and equip new employees, and what is being missed because of the constant turn-over.
  • 2 federal Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission charges against the Village Manager, 3 formal internal complaints against the Village Manager, and how many countless other informal complaints to HR that haven’t been documented or aren’t being provided in the FOIAs?
  • While the Village tells us about “restructuring” of employees that aren’t needed – Look at the bills on the agenda – Temps USA for the Finance Department, anyone care to guess what that is?
  • Not just employees feel the Manager’s Abuse – a Dundee Crown Principal AND a Construction crew working on the Maple Avenue project got to experience it as well.


The Village’s misguided stance against Businesses:

  • Despite numerous community development directors – the businesses that support your town all have the same complaint – unfair, inequitable and poor treatment – NO restructuring done in that department!
  • Bad Village policies towards businesses drive those away – excessive fees and fines – Carpentersville has more businesses leaving than coming to our town, and this cuts into Village funds – necessitating an INCREASE in your taxes!
  • How many times will we be sued by East Dundee over Walmart? How much of your money has been spent – and did the Village under Manager Rooney actively work with Walmart to illegally justify the TIF district as East Dundee claims?


Under the current Board of Trustees, Your Taxes have never been higher, your services have never been lower, the Village has actively worked to block all information releases to the public and refused lawful orders, they support an abusive, unprofessional Manager and have enacted or failed to change policies that have driven the businesses in our community away


Candidates Scholl, Garcia and Miller, if elected, will tirelessly work to ensure that Residents Needs are First, Honesty and Integrity aren’t just words, Business Friendly Policies are put into place, proper Village Marketing & Perception changes are made, True Open and Transparent decision making is made a standard, Public Safety is truly adequate based on verifiable standards, Responsible budget cuts are enacted in an effort to provide tax relief, and a truly Independent Outside Investigator (not a Village retained Attorney firm) is brought in with full authority to ferret out wrong doing by the current Administration and Investigate employee claims of both misconduct and illegal employment practices in order to rebuild trust and confidence in our local government.