Hypocrisy & Fortitude


Speaking of Conflicts of Interest and Glass Houses…

Apparently Mr. Humpfer doesn’t really believe in what he says. We learned yesterday through multiple sources that Mr. Humpfer applied for the Accountant Position sometime after May 2013 while Cathy Haley was still the finance director, AND, in September of 2004 (interestingly on Mr. Humpfer’s LinkedIn Profile he claims to be a trustee from September 2004 – Present) he submitted an application for the Finance Director. Apparently he doesn’t think it’s a conflict of interest for a sitting trustee to also be an employee – as long as it’s him.  So while Conflict of Interest makes for a great sound bite – that’s what I call “misinformation!” While I don’t have a problem with his applying for these jobs, his claim of conflict of interest seems a little disingenuous now.

ifproductplacard1I find it very interesting that our Trustees feel compelled to contact people that know me to “discuss” the information provided on this site.  To MY Trustees … if you feel as though there is a problem with something that I’ve written or said, please have the intestinal fortitude to call me and discuss it with me directly, nobody else (except my Wife) has any control over what I say or do.  Playing backdoor politics isn’t going to work anymore, and it’s time for the change from the status quo of back-alley deals and closed-door politics.  I’m the type of person who deals with things head on, and I’m not afraid to let my neighbors, friends and family know what I think – why are you?  You have an issue, you can call me directly.  In case you missed it in the letters I’ve sent asking you to call me, or the public addresses at the board meetings I’ve made and gave my phone number, or on the campaign literature, here it is:


This is the problem with our Board – they want everything to be secret.  Truth hurts sometimes, for all of us.  But if we don’t deal with it, the truth only hurts more.  There are so many issues facing our Village, burying our head in the sand, denying the truth, and engaging in back-alley politics doesn’t work.  Lying to the public about the quality of THEIR emergency services isn’t smart – the truth will always come out.  Personally attacking the motives of a candidate for something that a Sitting Trustee (candidate) has tried to do TWICE during their tenure just smacks of desperation.  As sitting Trustees, our incumbent candidates should have a laundry list of accomplishments, Mr. Burroway revealed NO accomplishments during the forum, and Mr. Humpfer revealed 2 (bond rating and GAO award after 10 years.)  I would have thought that each incumbent could have had at least 1 accomplishment per year of service.  So really, I have to ask: What is so important about being a Trustee that motivates these type of behaviors from sitting Trustees.  What are they so afraid of – what do they have to lose?

The reality is – being a Trustee is a SERVICE to our community.  Luckily, I have no real political ambition.  If it weren’t for the disastrous changes to our public safety and the wasteful spending that our board has done, I would never have even considered running for Trustee.  I don’t plan on ever running for a higher office, and I plan on staying only as long as it takes to create some positive change and ensure openness and transparency in our local government.  I believe that many people should have the privilege of serving their community, and I am a firm believer in term limits for that reason.  I want to ensure that my family – and YOURS is safe living in our community, and that what we pay for is what we get.  It’s time for a change from the status quo, it’s time for new people with new ideas who are open to many different points of view AND who can garner the trust of EVERYONE in our Village.