Handwriting Analysis Request


A while back, we reported that there was an anonymous report of a forgery involving a Disciplinary Document that was used to “entice”” former HR Director Mogren to accept a settlement agreement during the investigation into her behavior. Well, the village has again been ordered by the Attorney General’s office to turn over a document that they had refused. Here is a signature we know to be true and valid, found on that separation agreement dated May 2, 2014:


I’ve also found another document with Mogren’s signature in my files from a correspondence between us. Here it is, dated October 25, 2013:



And this one from 2/14/2013:


and from 4/17/2013:


And now the document the Village fought tooth and nail to conceal from release, dated August 12, 2012:


Looking at these, even though they are reported to have been made by the same person, it certainly doesn’t appear that way to me. So, I’m hoping that someone out there is skilled at handwriting / signature analysis. I believe that forgery of a village document is a criminal act (possibly of the felonious type), and if the suspicion by a skilled person is high, it will be turned over to the police for investigation. I can provide the documents should anyone wish to take a look at them up close. Thanks!