Here at Save Carpentersville, we are dedicated to exposing the lies, uncovering the truth, and providing a different source of information for residents that realize their Village Board members either don't know what they are doing, or have simply chosen to evade reality.

 Please join us to Save Carpentersville!




I want to remind everyone that voter registration is always open – if you aren’t already registered to vote, visit the Kane County Elections site and register either by mail (there are forms provided) or in person.

Getting registered to vote is one of the primary means you have of letting your voice be heard.  It’s how, as citizens in our Great Country, we reward our elected officials, and enact peaceful revolution.  Registration also gives you the power to sign a petition should one be circulated in our community.

This is our town, our community, and together, we have the power and voice to enact true transparency, demand true representation and push for open communication.



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