Elections have Consequences

Elections Featured

It is often said that elections have consequences, some good, some bad – and which one is often dependent on which point of view you are using to see the results.  For everything that our authors have been fighting for, we must admit that we see the “mostly good” side of the consequences of the elections in 2017.  Along with some other unforeseen circumstances, almost the entire board is new and committed to enhancing our village’s quality of life.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we are also making changes to this site.  While our primary mission is and always has been to ensure our local government is committed to transparency in it’s operations, we believe that our village is moving in the right direction to that end.  Therefore, this site must also change with the times and begin to spotlight some of the positive happenings in and around our community.  We hope that our readers enjoy the new format, and as always, you can reach us using the contact us page at the top.