Conflict of Interest and Enrichment


I realize that there are some, namely all of our current Trustees and Incumbent Candidates along with a select few residents that believe that there is a serious conflict of interest with me running for the Village Board.  (Isn’t it interesting that it’s those with the most to lose that are so adamantly against my campaign…) Mr. Humpfer stated last night he isn’t sure why the Legislature would have allowed this.  The answer is simple: Because every American has a RIGHT to run for office, to serve their community in an elected position, and (I would argue) has a duty to be involved.

But the legislature didn’t allow this in the law without restrictions – and this is what I would like my fellow residents to understand.  Under Illinois Law, NO Trustee may vote on matters which impact them financially.  It is a violation of the Illinois Ethics Laws.  And that goes for all Trustees.  As a firefighter in Carpentersville, that means that I am required by law to abstain from voting on the Firefighter’s contract, which would benefit me personally.   Mr. Humpfer also suggested that he believes that both I and Mrs. Miller would be in a position to raise our own salaries without restrictions.  While I can’t speak directly for Mrs. Miller, I believe that as an entrepreneur, she already has the right to raise her salary simply by adjusting the sales price of the goods and services her business offers.   Although it makes for a great political headline, voting for any contract with the Firefighters in my capacity as a Trustee OR as a union member would be an ethics violation and illegal.

So please allow me to put this debate to rest – I am not the type of person that would vote on something that would benefit me financially – it’s wrong, I know right from wrong, and I know when to stand up against things that are wrong.  (Which IS the reason why I’m running for Trustee)  If you are the type of person to believe the hype from Mr. Humpfer and Mr. Burroway, then you can be reassured that if elected and if I were to vote on the Contract that would benefit me personally, it would be an ethics violation AND Official Misconduct (a criminal act.)  As a Trustee, it will be my job to ensure that our Village Administration creates a positive work environment that fosters respect, honesty, integrity, innovation and ownership among the employees – so that at Contract time, we aren’t faced with unhappy, disgruntled employees that only want one thing.  It will be my job to encourage a collaborative process between all employees and management, such that the Village can get the best people for the least amount of taxpayer dollars.

190208117_640As for “personal enrichment” as Mr. Humpfer called it – I can certainly see how he believes that adding the pay given to Trustees may be a form of personal enrichment – and that is a form that can be pinned on every single trustee and President sitting on that board.  So, while I doubt any of the other Trustees would be convinced to reduce it to a “volunteer” position, I would suggest this to alleviate your concerns sir: Let’s reduce the Trustee and President Pay to $10.00/hr (minimum wage) for Board Meetings only.  Committees and public functions – volunteer.  8 hours a month, x 12 months: $960.00 per year.  Currently, the Village pays it’s Trustees $42,500.00, so reducing the Trustee pay to minimum wage for board meetings only, would mean a savings to the Village of $35,780.00 … money sorely needed to properly fund the police, fire and public works departments.

To my Trustees: I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is … are you?

Lastly, it is very telling that Mr. Humpfer used a vast majority of his time to discredit and personally attack my motivations and that of Mrs. Miller.  Mr. Humpfer, you are right, your accusations against my motivations are not funny – they are disturbing.  I laugh when I get upset, it helps to keep my composure – but you sir exposed your true colors to the public last night.  For a Trustee who has been on the Board for 10 years, I would have thought his list of accomplishments would be so long that he wouldn’t have had time to try and discredit his challengers.  I would have expected him to spend all his time trying to remind the public about all the good things he’s done and what his ideas are for the future.  Apparently however, his accomplishments as a Trustee are so lacking that the only thing he could think to do was to attack me, Mrs. Miller and Mr. Garcia.  I guess we all know now who Mr. Humpfer believes has a shot at unseating him.  And I think his position is clear – he voted yes over and over to tax increases, and he still believes that more Lay-offs and service reductions on top of your tax increases are appropriate.  More importantly – he and Mr. Burroway have hinged this Village’s future on Walmart and Panera Bread.  Mr. Humpfer boasts of his 2 accomplishments (after 10 years and how many finance directors) finally getting a GAO award (West, East, Algonquin, Elgin – have had this award for years…) and a great bond rating.  As we heard from the ECC candidate earlier that evening – all the bond rating means is the Village pays it’s bills – and they can borrow MORE money cheaper (as if 300% more debt in the last 4 years wasn’t enough).  The Award means they finally put together a Financial Statement Document that meets the criteria.  It doesn’t mean the Trustees have been fiscally responsible, it doesn’t mean their decisions have been prudent, and it doesn’t represent any real improvements or services that increase the value of our property or our lives.  Mr. Humpfer and Mr. Burroway – exactly WHAT have you done for me as a resident – or for any resident, besides refusing over and over to call me back…

It’s time for a Change.

April 7th, Vote Christopher Scholl, Sara Miller and Humberto Garcia for Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.