Here at Save Carpentersville, we are dedicated to exposing the lies, uncovering the truth, and providing a different source of information for residents that realize their Village Board members either don't know what they are doing, or have simply chosen to evade reality.

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Handwriting Analysis Request


A while back, we reported that there was an anonymous report of a forgery involving a Disciplinary Document that was used to “entice”” former HR Director Mogren to accept a settlement agreement during the investigation into her behavior. Well, the village has again been ordered by the Attorney General’s...

Public Duty Doctrine


The Illinois Supreme Court has recently ruled that the Public Duty Doctrine was no longer necessary and has struck it down.  I tend to follow these things because they affect my full time employment, and I’ve had a chance to do some digging as to what this is –...

The Lords and Ladies bow to the King


I use Emporer and King interchangeable.  But, here’s the reality – Our Trustees are willing to hand this Village Manager anything in order to protect him – and for what?  Honestly – WHAT are these Trustees getting behind closed doors that is so valuable that only Mark Rooney can...

Political Rhetoric vs Ideological Conviction


I debated as to whether or not I should add this as a comment or a post, but tonight’s meeting has truly made me see that this cause is the appropriate course of action.  And that more board meetings will need to be attended.  I’m going to let everyone...

Resource Sharing between Villages


Consolidation of resources between villages has recently become a “buzz” topic, and another one of those “talking points” that politicians just LOVE to hear come out of their mouths.  However, as the politicians are undoubtedly preparing for what may be a long a protracted battle with the residents, please...

Public awareness and Involvement


I think we can all agree that we spend most of our time, living our lives, not really paying attention to our governments (federal, state, local).  Hell, we live in Illinois, arguably the most corrupt state in the United States.  With the back room deals and behind closed door...

The Silence of the Guardians


When we move into a village, we often take for granted things which we have come to expect from society.  When you consider that the first working telephone service in the U.S. was put into service in the late 1870’s/early 1880s, 9-1-1 is not a very old concept, in...

What about the surrounding towns?

government is stupid

So, call me a geek, but I usually am listening to whats going on in Carpentersville and the surrounding communities.  Most don’t realize that the radio frequencies that your police and fire department use are available, 24 hours a day, either by a number put into a scanner (bought...

The Big Bad Unions!


It’s all because of the unions!  That’s right everyone, the big bad unions have swooped into the village and are throwing their extremely large, corrupt weight around in attempt to take over control of the village – and next, the world!  Seriously, the village board has already claimed to...

Time for a change in Management?


The Illinois Municipal Act, which is what rules and governs our town’s ability to be a village, has a great deal of information and provisions that empower you and me, the “electors” to participate in the process.  But what happens when the village trustees won’t return our phone calls...

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