What does Carpentersville Need?


integrity2Carpentersville needs elected officials on the Village Board that actually represent the type of people and their ideals that live in our community.  I truly believe that the people of Carpentersville are honest, good people that not only understand what integrity is, they live it in their daily lives.  I see it every day – neighbors that help each other, kids playing outside in every neighborhood with parents looking on, and families that support each other.  And we deserve leaders who mirror those qualities.

Some have recently suggested to me that people in our community don’t care about the elections – they don’t care about the issues that face our village.  In our Village, there are about 38,500 residents, of which 14,825 are registered to vote.  Those that I’ve spoken to that have this view point use the elections as evidence, and in part, they have a valid argument – 2 years ago when our Village President was elected, only 563 people out of those 14825 came out to vote.  Our village president received 465 votes – or .01% of the total village population, the trustee with the highest number of votes – 357, or .009% of the total number of people in Carpentersville.  It is a pretty poor showing, and does seem to suggest that a majority of village residents aren’t engaged in the issues and the process.  But I believe that the problem isn’t that people don’t care, I think it’s that they don’t know.  If the residents realized the level of our Village Manager’s unprofessional behavior, his extreme harassment of both employees and members of the community, and the level of involvement of Village Board members in covering up his malfeasance – the residents would care.  I think if they understood the impact that a positive business environment could have on their lives (and pocketbooks) they would care.  I believe if they understood how important proper staffing of the public safety departments is, they would care about the reductions.  If they knew how blatantly our Village Board, and our Village Manager has lied to the public about their actions, they would care.

For too long, our board has protected a Manager completely devoid of the ability to be professional, they have actively ensured that our Village’s public safety is compromised, has time and time again ensured that our Village chases away the very businesses that are here to support our community, has actively engaged in coercion and cover-up of serious employment issues, and has taken our tax dollars and spent our money on more managers and less workers to perform the duties that we have come to expect and should have been able to demand.  They have allowed a revolving door of professional department heads to come and go, in favor of keeping the one person that is clearly a blight on our Village.

The level of knowledge of our residents however, is changing.  The newspaper stories about the Village’s failure to disclose documents ordered to be disclosed is showing the residents that the Village intends to hide the truth.  The exposing of truth about clear lies shows the extent to which our Trustees and Manager are willing to go to cover-up their poor decision making. The good residents who need to use our public safety services during emergency times are waiting for those services to show up.  These things have created a buzz that is beginning to show the residents the level of severe dysfunction in the leaders they have elected.

It is time for a change.  In my opinion, we don’t need financial gurus, we don’t need highly educated teachers, we don’t need the hype that our current Trustees like to create about their credentials.  We need Trustees who are representative of the people.  Trustees that are honest, and have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to do the right thing – to ensure that the people of Carpentersville have the very best services within the constraints of what the people provide the Village.  Trustees whose values mirror those of the residents, and who work to ensure that the Village expects the same thing out of it’s professional environment that our residents would expect from their own professional environment.  We need more community input and community involvement in our government.

We need to send a message: No more Bullying, No more Harrassment, No more Firing people who complain, No more mistreatment of businesses, No more reduction in public safety, No more Crony hiring practices, No Cover-Ups.  No longer will we put up with “Pay more and Get Less!”  We need MORE transparency, professionalism, honesty, integrity and the placing of the needs of the Community before that of the Administration.

In the coming months, we’ll be sending out flyers, going door to door, and ensuring that the people of the Village are properly informed of the issues.  That all residents have an opportunity to hear all the information and see the documents for themselves.  It is my hope that the people will show our current Trustees that their behavior and decisions don’t line up with the core values of the public they are sworn to represent.

On April 7th, 2015, I’d like you to remember 3 names for CHANGE from the Ground UP: Chris Scholl, Humberto Garcia and Sara Miller.  We are people just like you, coming from varied backgrounds and industries and ideas, but we all believe that above all else, honesty and integrity should not and cannot be compromised.