The Bully and the Meetings


Well, what an interesting board meeting tonight.  I was glad to have been able to speak, and to be in attendance during the duration of the meeting.  I’d like to offer a few comments, since we simply can’t make comments during the meeting.  What I find supremely interesting is this: from the RULES PERTAINING TO PUBLIC COMMENT, distributed to commentors dictate: “All comments shall be courteous, respectful and to the point.”  Further, it says “Statements made shall not impugn motives, be contentious, slanderous or boisterous.”  I would like to think that my comments followed these rules of decorum, but just so I get this straight, I have to follow those rules, but Manager Rooney does not?  On more than one occasion during his Tirade, Manager Rooney impugned my motives, was slanderous and disrespectful.  While he may not agree with me and reasonable people can debate the veracity of arguments presented in a professional manner, to speak in the way he spoke about me personally, his actions revealed his true personality – that of a Bully, someone that knows nothing of true debate but instead resorts to intimidation and dismissal to argue their point.  Let’s not forget this isn’t the first time he’s spoken to a member of the public in a rather unprofessional manner, it wasn’t too long ago that President Ritter had to try and contain Manager Rooney when he addressed the Principal at Dundee Crown after she came to a meeting to ask the board not to change the Community Officer at the high school.  Is this really the guy that our Trustees think should be the head administrator of our Village?  Our Village Trustees should no longer continue to put their faith in Manager Rooney to deliver the professionalism and service to the Village that a Manager’s position requires.  Please, promote Assistant Manager Wade who has shown he has the professional qualities requisite of a good manager and the temperament to remain calm even when he disagrees.

 I believe in my heart that the Trustees are good people, tasked with a responsibility that, at best, requires a steep learning curve and puts them reliant on people like Manager Rooney to help make informed decisions.  So what happens when the information they are given isn’t accurate – bad decisions are made.  I don’t blame the Trustees for that, it’s a condition of the elected position.  I blame the guy that’s supposed to be a professional and deliver accurate, unbiased information based on quality, verifiable information.  I hope that the Trustees understand, this site was made to ensure that information was put out, that residents are hearing the other side, that they [The Trustees] are hearing the other side of the story, and to ensure that proper representation occurs.  If I could be assured that the Trustees have heard my issues, are getting information for themselves and intend to take action or explain their positions with verifiable evidence, THEN I could be using this platform to talk about something far better … the good things that go on in Carpentersville and the Exceptionally Awesome hard working 177 (give or take, my number might be wrong now) men and women that serve us every day of the year!  Heck maybe even get a Trustee or two or three to use this platform to reach the residents and increase citizen participation!  I think that would be wonderful!

Right or wrong about the Bond Payment, Manager Rooney put it pretty clearly – the MFT fund and Water Fund will give the General Fund an I.O.U.  So my question was never answered – does that mean that next year the general fund will be in deficit because it’s “owed” money, or does that mean that the IOUs don’t count against the size of the general fund or the expenditures in it?  Does it mean the bond payment now will be covered by the contingency amount?  So, great answer, and I appreciate that President Ritter did try and clarify that, but Manager Rooney’s comments seemed more like rambling and defensive posturing than honest intelligent explanation.  My board has still left me wondering about next year’s deficit.  And yes, I’ll try and make that Audit and Finance Commission meeting in order to find out.

Out of curiosity, where does Manager Rooney think I get my information?  From the Village, from it’s website, from the FOIA’d information that they allow me to have.  When the Village chooses to claim an exemption on documents that I’ve requested, the chose to ensure that my opinion is formed on only what they feel I should know or is relevant to my inquiry.  I’m fairly certain that if any of the Trustees had called me as I’ve requested, that these issues and questions that I’ve brought up could have been resolved.  Since that has not happened, it’s necessary to address my trustees the only way I can – publicly.

Manager Rooney was right when he said that i’m not a budget expert, i’m not – i’m just an ordinary citizen like my fellow residents that forms an opinion based upon public documents and public official’s comments.  And he was only partially accurate when he said i was an expert at firefighting, as no good firefighter will actually believe they are an expert – I’ve been in Carpentersville now for 15 years, and i’d like to think that I am good at my job and that my mentors and peers have taught me what it takes to protect the lives of the people that I serve – Carpentersville Residents (not to mention my own family), and I appreciate the Manager pointing that out.  It’s also good that he pointed out that I’m a Carpentersville Firefighter/Paramedic, I am.  It’s something I do not discuss because I try hard to ensure that my position as a firefighter in Carpentersville isn’t the reason that people listen, but instead they listen because my opinion offers something of value to the readers and because of the documents that I put out to the public which support my position.  But, seeing as how HE identified my credentials, yes, my job as a firefighter affords me a level of understanding in the capability of Fire and EMS response to a village beyond that of the average resident, Trustee, or Village Manager. And the public should make no mistake, I have sent my Trustees letters questioning more than I reveal in public.  So my question is this – if Manager Rooney says that the service levels haven’t suffered, and I say that they have, who should we believe, Manager Rooney, or the person he says is an expert?  Which also begs the question, if Manager Rooney identifies me as an expert, why don’t the Trustees use my knowledge to help the Village of Carpentersville, after all, it’s the residents of the Village of Carpentersville that have paid to train me to know the answers to these questions (Which I guess means I’ve paid myself too, kind of a strange position to be in.)

Ultimately though, his tirade and subsequent lies about the Negotiations (which, as the village stated in denial of my FOIA are supposed to be federal and/or state protected information and not available for release, while i’m not expert in this either – doesn’t that mean that Manager Rooney is violating a rule the Village says it can’t?) expose him for what I’ve said all along he is – a bully, willing to say or do anything to ensure that his “program” isn’t violated.  We should all know by now, that we should always stand up to Bullies.  I ask my Village Board to stand up to the Bully and show him the error of his ways.




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