Assault at Public Works?


11058730_1052760401407344_4837031262600290583_nA lot of interesting things can happen in a day.  This morning was the St. Patrick’s day parade in Down Town East Dundee, and a great time was had by all.  While my family and I were getting ready, the Village was holding one of it’s Audit and Finance Commission meetings (AKA the REAL board meetings.)  It would appear that people have forgotten that just because I’m not at an event doesn’t mean I don’t hear about shenanigans – wherever they may be in our Village.  This is because I’ve spent 15 years building the Trust of people both living and working in the Village.

Now, I have changed the site a little bit for election time, but honestly – some things can’t be allowed to slide.  Our Trustees have spent the last 3 years saying that they believe Mark Rooney is the right man for the job – that they have given him their 100% confidence.  Last year, these same Trustees spent $140,000.00 of YOUR money on attorneys to defend Mark Rooney from complaints about his behavior – behavior that the Trustees say isn’t bad.  Well folks – it came to a head today, and that behavior made a public appearance at the Audit and Finance Commission meeting.  My sources tell me that, during a tumultuous meeting in which the budget was questioned multiple times, not only by members of the audience but also by one of the Candidates, Mr. Garcia who is a commission member, tempers flared.  So much so that during a break, Manager Rooney was heard yelling at Mr. Garcia.  It was relayed that Manager Rooney verbally assaulted Mr. Garcia and had to be physically restrained by another Trustee Candidate – Trustee Burroway before he committed a Battery against Mr. Garcia.  This occured in front everyone gathered, including the Trustees and the rest of the commission and public.

I attempted to reach Mr. Garcia today after learning about this in order to get comment from him, but was unable to reach him by phone.  Hopefully we’ll get more from him in the next few days.  And granted, this information is currently from several sources that were at this meeting.   But seriously, code-240 this folks is how out of touch with reality our Trustees are.  Employees have complained – they got fired.  A principal at Dundee crown was verbally attacked during a board meeting – no repercussions.  Now, a commission member is reported to have been assaulted by Manager Rooney.  If this Manager is willing to do this in public at a public hearing – anyone want to contemplate what happens in Village Hall when the public isn’t looking?  This behavior is not only illegal (it is against the law to verbally or otherwise threaten another person with harm) it is unexcusable behavior by a Professional Manager.  These Trustees have blindly allowed a bully of a manager to dictate how YOUR village is run, and his antics have cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements, unemployment, attorney fees and hush money.  Is this how we want OUR village run or OUR money spent?

This is wrong, this is expensive, and I’m tired of my money (and yours) going to a group of Trustees that have blindly put their faith in one of the most outrageous bullies I have ever seen.  I don’t care who it is – this is the sort of thing I WILL stand up against.  Any Trustee that isn’t willing to do the same isn’t worth the Trust we place in them.

Update:  Mr. Garcia speaks out at Village Board Meeting: