Article Removed


When we started this site, the postings were made as the site itself.  This was done to ensure that the public didn’t mistake my views as a private citizen for those coming from a village employee.  However, during the last election, my identity as an employee of the Village of Carpentersville was revealed by several of my opponents.  Yesterday, I received a letter from the Carpentersville Fire Chief in which he ordered me to remove the post entitled “Retaliation is an issue which I cautioned you about.”  That article has been unpublished, and I have deleted the posts made to social media, per the order by the Village of Carpentersville Fire Chief.

In combination with that letter, he also delivered several documents including a rebuttal by Trustee Schultz and by the Chief of Police.  Chief Kilbourne’s rebuttal is posted on the Carpentersville Public Safety page.  After reviewing both documents, and comparing them for accuracy against the documents I have in my possession, I cannot release those rebuttals on my site.  Trustee Schultz is urged to post her rebuttal online of her own volition.  We have told Mr. Diamond about the order from the Fire Chief, and reminded him that he is free to release any emails and documents and information he may have as he sees fit.

I’d like to thank my readers once again, and remind everyone – be an informed voter.  Do not accept what you are told by your government, those running for government, or any site (including this one!) on face value.  Always search for the other side of the story.  We will continue to strive to keep the village and it’s leaders honest, and provide our fellow residents with documents that shed light where actions are trying to hide.