Another Finance Director???


Reasons-Employees-LeaveI find it extremely interesting that the Village has hired a new Finance Director – complete with no fan fare, no announcements, no news article, NOTHING.  I suppose it shouldn’t shock any of us – the Village has become adept at stonewalling information and ensuring that the general public is in the dark.  Seriously – they are ordered by the Attorney General to release information to the Daily Herald, turn around and say “No.” After all, information is “Need-to-know” and apparently, we the residents don’t need to know – anything. Period.  But, our new finance director is listed on the Village Website in the obscure Contact Us page.  No credentials, no history, no bio – again, NO information.

So, let’s discuss this for a moment – Since 2012, 3 top finance managers have resigned including 2 finance directors and 1 assistant finance director… Here’s the list:

2006 – 2012; Lisa Happ, Finance Director  **RESIGNED** Went to Schaumburg

March 2012 – July 2014; Cathy Haley, Finance Director **RESIGNED** Went to Dekalb

May 2012 – October 2014; Brian Smith, Assistant Finance Director **RESIGNED** Went BACK to Wheeling

October 2014 – Present; Hitesh Desai, Finance Director **HIRED**

October 2014 – Present; Katrina Hanna, Assistant Finance Director **PROMOTED**

Does anyone else wonder how stable our finances can be with the number of “restructuring” of employees, resignations of top managers, new hires and a promotion?  Somehow I doubt it.  Of course, we have Manager Rooney looking out for things, so at least there’s that!

Let’s look at this Manager’s IMPRESSIVE Resume of Department Head Resignations, Retiring & Removal since he was hired:

John Schuldt, Fire Chief; Dawn Wucki-Russbach, Assistant Village Manager; Cindy Macammack, Community Development Director; Kathy Stoves, IT Director; Cathy Haley, Finance Director; Lisa Happ, Finance Director; Brian Smith, Assistant Finance Director; Jim Hock, Community Development Director; David Neumann, Police Chief; Steve Jones, Assistant Village Manager; Linda Mogren, Human Resources Director; Janice Murphy, Economic Development Director; Scott Marquardt, Village Engineer;

nothing_to_see_hereWow.  That’s 12 Department Heads in 4 years ; 8 in the last 2 years.  And one of those people we know left to take a job an hour away from her home for LESS money – why would anyone do that who is happy with their job?  Does anyone else think that perhaps that is an indication of the state of our Village?  Doesn’t that speak volumes about the effectiveness of the leadership of our Village Manager?  That list doesn’t even include the number of employees who have resigned, been terminated or had their jobs “restructured” (not to mention those currently applying in other villages in order to get away from ours) – and funny enough – these seem to come after complaints against the Manager – no coercion there!

The simple fact is that extraordinarily high turn-over of this magnitude in such a short period of time does not bode well for residents – the Village can’t possibly function properly with so many leaders leaving in such a short time span.  I’d like all of the residents to realize that YOUR board members have publicly stated at board meetings that Manager Rooney has their 100% confidence and support.  In other words – they know about the problems, they are just intentionally ignoring them.  As it was told to me recently when meeting with a few of our board members – the Board is aware of the problems with Manager Rooney, but they have to look at the good he’s done too – he’s gotten grants for the Village.  And I suppose he is the ONLY Village Manager who could have gotten grants and done good things.  Personally, I don’t buy it – any professional manager should be capable of doing the good things he’s done without the Bullying and Destructive path he’s lead.  It appears they are overlooking the exceptional problems with our Manager and the extreme damage he’s done to the Village – in other words, the Board is protecting the interests of the Manager instead of the interests of the Residents.  Honestly, if you or I behaved that way at our jobs, no matter how good we were we’d be fired.  It makes me wonder – if they are willing to ignore and look past such a glaringly obvious issue – what else do they intentionally ignore?  How much corruption is there that the trustees have either intentionally – or “silently” endorsed on our dime?