About Us

After seeing the hypocrisy and wanton disregard for the lives of the residents of the Village of Carpentersville, this site was developed to inform the resident of essential issues that effect their daily lives – things the Village Board doesn’t want them to know.  I have been a resident in the village for the last 7 years, 2 on Arrow St and 6 on Wakefield Dr, and prior to that I had spent a couple years in Algonquin, and the 4 before that on Osage Ct here in town.  I’ve met a lot of great neighbors and good people, and I’ve seen countless trustees come and go.

Because people eventually find out everything – nothing in this world is a secret – and I sincerely hope our Village Board and Manager know that – I would like to disclose that in addition to being a resident, I am a village employee (15 years).  I don’t want the readers of this site to find that out from another source, and accuse me of withholding that in order to appear more objective.  The fact is, I’m not objective, I’m passionate about what I do and making sure that my neighbors and family have the very best service that our village can afford.  I’m declining to say which department I work for at this time (although it might become evident or someone might call me out .. who knows what can happen), because I do not want to bring attention to that department specifically – All our public safety departments in town require our attention and knowledge, and I don’t want the other public safety departments to get slighted in the conversation.  (Public Safety departments = Public Works [because we like our clean water, our poop’s gotta go somewhere out of our house and bad streets cause accidents] Police and Fire Departments)  Those that know me will know what I do, where I work and my level of dedication not only to the village, but to my own family.

Speaking of which, it is for the safety of my family that I started this blog.  My family and YOUR family are no longer safe in this town.  The way this village works these days has lost any sense of order.  Every village is supposed to have “bean counters” – people only concerned with money and how much things cost.  Village are supposed to have advocates for services that residents need, i.e. Department Heads.  The village has residents who ultimately determine what they want from the village, and then it’s supposed to have Trustees who objectively weigh the need for services with what the bean counters are telling them, and chose, WITH THE GUIDANCE of the residents who elected them, what services have priority when not enough beans exist.  This village works differently though – The trustees listen to the bean counters, the bean counters threaten to fire the advocates, and the residents stick their head in the sand hoping it either won’t effect them or will go away before it does.  Well, it’s time for this Inquisitive Citizen to stand up and say – NOT ANYMORE!  The residents cannot just stick their heads in the sand anymore, and I certainly won’t do it.

My wife and I would like to thank all our readers for taking the time to muddle through what we’ve posted.  However, while we own and host this site, we are not the only administrators.  There are other authors on the site, whom have their own reasons and may decide if they chose, to reveal themselves and create their own “About Us” page.