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The Illinois Supreme Court has recently ruled that the Public Duty Doctrine was no longer necessary and has struck it down.  These things I tend to follow because they affect my full time employment, and I've had a chance to do some digging as to what this is - and what it means.  Please feel free to check it out for yourself though, don't take my word for it.  Here's a LINK to an article.

Ultimately - this comes down to the same argument we've talked about for years - TRUTH.  If Village officials tell the truth (any village official - Manager, Fire/Police Chief etc), they are almost guaranteed immunity.  If they lie - they do so at their own financial peril...

Pay Attention

Turn Over Tracker

Want to know how many Department Managers have left Carpentersville (either willingly or not so much...) during Manager Rooney's tenure? (a short 5-1/2 years...)  Well, search no further!


John Schuldt, Fire Chief; Dawn Wucki-Russbach, Assistant Village Manager; Cindy Macammack, Community Development Director; Kathy Stoves, IT Director; Cathy Haley, Finance Director; Lisa Happ, Finance Director; Brian Smith, Assistant Finance Director; Jim Hock, Community Development Director; David Neumann, Police Chief; Steve Jones, Assistant Village Manager; Linda Mogren, Human Resources Director; Janice Murphy, Economic Development Director; Scott Marquardt, Village Engineer; Alan Popp, Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety; Joe Wade, Assistant Village Manager; Christie Alvarado, HR Generalist (we know she wasn't a department head, but she was the only person in HR left so we think it counts- we are contracting out HR now); John Skillman, Fire Chief; Kevin Rynders, Deputy Fire Chief

Why is this important?  A recent article by Gallup explains it Here.  If it costs between 1/2 and 5 times the positions annual salary to replace a lost employee that's a lot of money.  We will figure 1x annual salary since we are dealing with the highest level people here:  at an average annual salary of about 100,000.00, that is potentially 1.6 million spent to replace these folks.  That doesnt include everyone we've replaced in the rank and file from turnover...  And we wonder why our village is always broke despite the annual tax levy increases of 4.99%!

Welcome to Carpentersville

Welcome to Carpentersville!  A place with great residents combined with a Village Manager who doesn't appear to understand professional behavior and a Village Board so inept that the Village is literally crumbling despite skyrocketing tax revenues!

Here's a quick recap: 2009 - about 19 million in operating expenses, 230 employees and top notch public safety.  2017 - about 30 million in operating expenses, a bare bones operation of 170 employees, skyrocketing bond debt, crumbling infrastructure and roads, buildings in disrepair and public safety services that have been reduced to a point where our town consistently relies on our neighbors to provide basic services.

What is Carpentersville known for?  A quick search HERE on You tube produces a lot of videos that answers that question.  (And for those that think it's changed in 6-8 years, 2 words: Turnover Rate, that's all that needs to be said)  Our current village manager is the poster boy for bad behavior! During the 2015 budget workshops, he showed us his "professionalism" in a very public way (a quick thank you to the Manager for having the foresight to install security cameras that can be foia'd by the public!)

Its an argument in which our Village Manager loses his temper (which isn't all that uncommon) and has to be held back.  Here's the players in the video: White dress shirt (not the fire chief) - Manager Rooney; the guy pacing in the far background - then candidate, now Trustee Sabbe; the guy holding the manager back - Trustee Burroway; the guy getting yelled at - candidate/resident Garcia; other guys hanging around - Deputy Fire Chief Skillman, Director of Public Safety Popp, Deputy Police Chief (now Police Chief) Kilbourne, Finance Director Desai.  Notice how nobody (including a police chief) moves to intervene, except Trustee Burroway when it becomes clear that a physical confrontation is a very real possibility.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Carpentersville, IL.

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Article Removed

When we started this site, the postings were made as the site itself.  This was done to ensure that the public didn't mistake my views as a private citizen for those coming from a village employee.  However, during the last ...
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Time for another Department Manager

Truthfully, it's been too long without a department head leaving.  Here in Carpentersville, we currently average a department manager loss about once every 4 months.  Apparently it's time to get rid of another one!!!  Facebook has been abuzz with this ...
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Handwriting Analysis Request

A while back, we reported that there was an anonymous report of a forgery involving a Disciplinary Document that was used to "entice"" former HR Director Mogren to accept a settlement agreement during the investigation into her behavior. Well, the ...
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Public Duty Doctrine

The Illinois Supreme Court has recently ruled that the Public Duty Doctrine was no longer necessary and has struck it down.  I tend to follow these things because they affect my full time employment, and I've had a chance to ...
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The Lords and Ladies bow to the King

I use Emporer and King interchangeable.  But, here's the reality - Our Trustees are willing to hand this Village Manager anything in order to protect him - and for what?  Honestly - WHAT are these Trustees getting behind closed doors ...
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The Emperor and the Ordinances

Getting back to the mission with which this site was founded, we are going to talk about a subject that was previously covered before the elections.  This is important to you as a taxpayer - your money is on the ...
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Some time ago, we covered several complaints against the Village Manager.  One of them was a complaint from former HR Director Linda Mogren.  In case my readers have forgotten, you can see the investigation materials here.  INVESTIGATION.  Through our anonymous ...
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Professional Behavior

Here it is .. long awaited.  Now, the clip below is taken from the main video.  You can full 7 minute video here: March 14th, 2015.

I've clipped out the first few minutes that show a few people talking with each ...
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Let’s talk about “Misinformation” (4)

I'm going through this audio file from Saturday's audit and  finance commission meeting.  It makes me angry, it disappoints me, and frankly, it's surreal.  Folks, these Trustees can say I am just trying to frighten you ... sure, it's a ...
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The Trustees should be Ashamed …

As we reported earlier, on March 14th, 2015, during a break of the audit and finance commission meeting, Village Manager Rooney had an altercation with Humberto Garcia, a commission member and trustee candidate.  Mr. Garcia, in his remarks to the ...
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Let’s Talk about “Misinformation” (3)

Why is proper Fire Department staffing so important?  There are agencies in the United States such as Underwriter's Laboratories and NIST that conduct scientific studies in many different areas of employment, one of them is firefighter safety and occupant survival ...
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Let’s Talk about “Misinformation” (2)

Continuing our multi-part post on Village Board Statements vs Village Documents we have an email from Deputy Chief Skillman.   Last Saturday, when pressed, Deputy Chief Skillman said the Fire Department manning is good.  On several occassions, DPS Popp and D/C ...
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Let’s Talk about “Misinformation”

Starting off our multi-part post on Village Board Statements vs Village Documents we have the 2014 Federal SAFER Grant Application. Over the course of the next few days, we are going to be posting various village documents that directly contradict ...
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Board Meetings

Does anyone else ever notice that Board Meetings are always the same.  We listen to them praise each other, berate those that having differing opinions and finally speak about things which they really don't understand ...

Case in point: Trustee Rehberg spoke ...
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Assault at Public Works?

A lot of interesting things can happen in a day.  This morning was the St. Patrick's day parade in Down Town East Dundee, and a great time was had by all.  While my family and I were getting ready, the ...
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Crying Broke

Every year we endure our Manager and Village Board Members and their endless complaining of employee compensation, benefits and just how bad a financial situation the Village is in.  President Ritter sits up there lambasting the pensions (while he draws ...
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Intentional or Complacent?

These days, it's so hard to tell whether or not our Board is simply just complacent or if they act recklessly with intention.  While the idealist in me wishes fervently to believe that a group of 7 ordinary citizens couldn't ...
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Public Safety is Critical

Why is public safety, police and fire so critical?  As residents, we might be tempted to answer something like "because they protect us if something happens."  There are some general truths, such as - someone will always show up to ...
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