Thank you for visiting Save Carpentersville!  With some recent events, our editors no longer believe it's imperative to continue our "exposure" policy, as the majority of our elected (and currently appointed) officials have proved themselves to be honest and have a genuine care for our village and it's residents.  Therefore, while the content previously generated will remain available to search engines, the publicly visible content will be all recent events. Thank you for your support and patronage, and we hope that this site will continue to be used as a point of discussion.

Recent Events

Village Manager Resigned

We aren't exactly sure how this came about, but at a recent board meeting, the board stated that Manager Rooney had abandoned his position, cleaned out his office (we've heard through our sources - with the help from employees who did not know why) and had not returned to work.  They further pointed out that the Village's Policy manual, which ...
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Elections have Consequences

It is often said that elections have consequences, some good, some bad - and which one is often dependent on which point of view you are using to see the results.  For everything that our authors have been fighting for, we must admit that we see the "mostly good" side of the consequences of the elections in 2017.  Along with ...
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